Sidebar space

Weight exclusive wheels
Weight inclusive wheel

Black 3D mudguard
Black Dibond raceplates
R6 sticker set


Position 1 > neutral

S / M / L
40 / 43 / 46
Matt / Gloss
> 33 kg
> 50 kg

Blasted or polished finish
Embroidered wrap around seat
M20 headstock bearings


Position 2 > 30 mm up

Axle positions
Hight adjustment
Rear axle
Axle diameter

Lock in place front axle
Heel braced grid-block steps
60x40 + 80x40 Downtube


Position 3 > 60 mm up

90 mm
1980 mm
1500 mm
48.3 mm

Sidebar reinforcebars
Integrated backrest
Laser cut rear cross


Position 4 > 90 mm up


Small, 40 cm < > siderails




A GT-Race R6 buggy comes three different sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Every buggy comes with standard adjustment for the rear cross and axle brackets, by inserting two adapter plates you can add 20mm to the width of the frame. The accesable sidepockets in the seats allow additional personalisation.

Medium, 43 cm < > siderails




At GT-Race, every single buggy is constructed and assembled by hand, in house. We take pride from offering custom 'made to fit' options, 80% scaled down buggies, 120% upscaled buggies, extended frames or out of the box ideas.

We have done it all.

Large, 46 cm < > siderails




We offer a wide variaty of parts for GT-Race buggies as well as every other brand out there. Within reasonable requests, we can make every part to fit and/or upgrade your buggy.

Apart from stainless parts we also offer, wheels, buggycovers, kite and storagebags.