The new Raw


The playfull low entry kite buggy from GT-Race, the buggy for cruising and tricks.

The Raw offers the very basics and adds some extra, unique geometry with pinched seating position.


The Raw is build to be versatile. 



The philosophy

    The basics in kite buggy


The gallery


In detail



The data

Technical data

► Longest length (axle to axle)
► Shortest length (axle to axle)
► Axle length

► Sidebarspace, between the bare siderails

?? mm 
?? mm 
1300 mm

360-460 mm

► Weight exclusive wheels
► Weight inclusive wheels

► Finish

> ?? kg
> ?? kg
Electropolish or Blasted


Standard equipment

► Robust downtube with M20 headstock

► Integrated reinforcebar

► 1300 mm rear axle

► Embroidered black seat and covers

► 3 x ST rim

► Stainless steel shot blasted


► 3 x Midi wheels


► Finish electropolish

► For any other personalisation check the         'Products' section of this site

€ 90

€ 25


► Standard Raw on ST wheels

€ 875,-

► Standard Raw on Midi wheels

€ 965,-


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